Our adaptable methods for improving athletic performance combined with our goal of supporting team coaches and performance staff through clear communication and transparency creates an authentic formula for lasting progress.


Helping athletes from all sporting domains reach and sustain a long, healthy and highly successful career comes down to not only understanding their bodies, but also their individual drives and the "WHY" behind what they truly want to achieve. Discovering what is at the foundation of who they are as a person and discovering their weak points as a high-performer is the focal point of what we do.


Our team provides practical and experience-based solutions learned through the world of coaching that can help you build a higher performing team, environment and corporate culture.


As coaches, athletes, teachers and leaders, we often tend to get myopic within our domain and end up micromanaging instead of focusing on doing the simple things savagely well across the board.

Regardless of sport, no one trait by itself will ever ensure long-term success – a balanced mastery of fundamentals will.

Conscious Coaching trains athletes to adapt and adjust to new people, situations and obstacles. It’s about matching people with a process through development and a flexible roadmap instead of a rigid system. To do this, you must understand BOTH the art and the science of what you do as well as enhance your understanding of human nature.

Humans are the ultimate performance variable and learning how to develop them from the inside in a unique, ethical, and personal way is the ultimate competitive advantage.

“None of the tools or knowledge that we acquire mean anything if we cannot use them in a skillful and unique manner. The “HOW” matters just as much as the “WHAT” and the “WHY.”

– Brett Bartholomew


Client Testimonials

  • Loren Landow Owner & Head Performance Coach: Landow Performance
  • Juliana Pena UFC Fighter
  • Adam Feit Director of Sports Performance for Reach Your Potential Training (RYPT).
  • Jim Kiritsy Director of Strength and Conditioning: Kennesaw State Football
  • Ron Mckeefery Vice President of Performance & Education at PLAE
  • Antone Exum NFL Safety
  • Rob Bollinger U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Sue Falsone Owner, S&F: Structure and Function
  • Andre Berto Professional Boxer / Three Time Welterweight World Champion
  • Dave Puloka Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Miami Dolphins


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“Do the common things in an uncommon way.”

– George Washington Carver, Scientist and Educator