About Bartholomew Strength

About Us

We are a values based coaching and consulting organization that serves a wide range of clients ranging from those in the field of human performance to those within the corporate setting who are looking for an edge in regards to building better leadership, communication strategies and a stronger culture within the workplace.

Our team is comprised of individuals who have experience working across a variety of domains from professional sports, elite level military, corporate wellness, finance and tech-based start-ups. We specialize in matching our perspective with your purpose, and help our clients to find more efficient ways to maximize their human capital and better clarify their core strengths.

Our “Why”

Despite living in the “information age”, people now more than ever are still starved for true guidance, collaboration and relationships. Regardless of the industry, professionals struggle to make effective use of their resources and maximize their potential. Often times, the most successful are reticent to share or collaborate – we are.

Our “What”

Our identity and core intent is guided by our “Conscious Coaching” philosophy in that true leaders and mentors focus on three primary areas of development when guiding others:

  • The Physical Domain
  • The Psychological Domain
  • The Cultural Domain

When properly developed, enhanced and stimulated, these three areas together, help us and those around us function at our highest and most efficient levels of performance. The “Conscious Coaching” mantra ascertains that there are no “tricks” to any trade other than that of a full commitment to learning and honoring the trade itself. No gimmicks, no nonsense.

Our “How”

Bartholomew Strength is defined by our people. Systems fail, but people learn. We strongly believe that by being open-minded, adaptable and purpose driven, that we can overcome obstacles of any kind while gathering tools along the way that help us to build a better future for ourselves and others. When it comes to helping others, and that starts with having a team that can get to the core of who someone is as well as what drives them. Only by identifying these traits can we help at the highest level.


We gauge our successes in terms of relationships built, as well as our impact in both the performance and long-term health/success of our clients.

We are fully committed to the continual growth of our team internally. If we do not have an answer for you (and we will never pretend to have them all) then we will do our best to find it or refer out to those who are a better fit.

We will only take on projects and engagements that we are truly passionate about and believe that we can help. If we do not believe ourselves to be able to create value for you in excess of our professional fees, then we will not waste your time to begin with.

We speak openly and honestly. There will never be a conversation or interaction that is based upon platitudes or meaningless rhetoric.

We value and respect the full confidentiality of anyone that we work with and the problems that we help them solve.

Our Partners