Training & Athlete Development

Fundamentals Not Fluff

There are no shortcuts, no true “overnight” successes and no guarantees that just because you have had success in the past, that you will be successful going forward.

The true roots of athletic development aren’t exciting enough for most people, which is why so many fall short of their goals and so few world champions exist. The world’s best athletes didn’t get there by discovering some “secret” drill or “magic” exercise. They got there by being consistent and working hard at both maximizing their strengths, and improving upon their weaknesses.

Real performance training is backed by science and gives you results that you can feel, see, measure and notice in the game.

The kind of STRENGTH and PERFORMANCE that truly matters in life, and in sport, cannot be bought on a late-night infomercial, swallowed in a supplement or attained through the use of a “magical” tool or drill. It is attained through trusting a process and being accountable to yourself and those who support you. That’s the beauty of it! Because while the rest of the world focuses solely on what they want and expects it to fall into place, you will be focused on how to get there and the “WHY” of what you do.

STRENGTH is not event, sport or person specific. It applies to all of us. It is the capacity for one to do something, more specifically, to manifest the energy needed to resist and to endure anything that comes our way in life.


The challenge is to always seek to improve and to be accountable. To find ways to get better, especially when you are considered amongst the best at what you do, is what will ultimately separate you and define you.

Balanced Training

We will work on everything; speed, power, agility, strength, mobility, explosiveness, mindset and body transformation. True “Performance Training” focuses on all of these, not just one of them. All exercises and training programs will be adapted to your body and unique needs. There is no “one size fits all” approach.


If I cannot explain and support why we do something then we won’t do it, period. It’s not enough for me to know, they “why”, you need to know it so you can carry that knowledge with you the rest of your career. Communication is a cornerstone of both great coach-athlete relationships and performance and is always emphasized


Regardless of where you are, what tools you have at your disposal, or what you are going through in life, a true “coach” will be there to support you. They won’t play favorites, and they take pride in being there during both the good times and the bad times. Programs can be sent to you in any manner and remote support is always available to help you get what you need.


To be great at what you do, you can’t just show-up. You have to create habits that make it easier for you to make the right decisions for you and your body day in and day out. The most successful environments in life or sport focus on building a culture that reinforces those behaviors and also develops you as a person. The world’s best never stop learning and never take one moment for granted. Culture is everything and this is a hallmark of my philosophy.