True Strength is Unity

One of the primary purposes behind the creation of “Bartholomew Strength” is to create a bridge for fellow coaches and professionals in the industry through which they could connect and collaborate to not only enhance their own individual knowledge base and perspective, but also to be able to help others within the industry who would like to be guided as well.

Coaching culture fits the very definition of a community- a fellowship amongst others who share common passions, attitudes, interests, and goals. We grow better together, and often times whether it is due to time constraints, limited financial resources or simply wanting to spend more time at home with their family coaches are not always able to get away in order to network or grow as much as we’d like.

We are you, and anyone who is focused on sharing their stories, strategies, knowledge and views on best practices is welcome within our community- regardless of the specific industry or sector that you work in.

From our online content to our in-person workshops, clinics, and collaborations we are dedicated to helping those within the coaching profession not only become better at their craft through providing pragmatic and proven performance related solutions, but also are focused on helping coaches live better lives in general through providing lifestyle and entrepreneurial related content as well.

We will never pretend to have “all of the answers” as we know anyone who claims to have everything figured out is being impractical at best, but we do promise to work with you in every way possible towards finding solutions that are most appropriate for your unique situation.

It’s time to bring coaching back to it’s roots, and plant the seeds necessary to grow stronger relationships both now and in the future amongst those who are truly dedicated towards leaving this field and those who are a part of it in a better place.



We openly share our thoughts, methods and ideas within the community, We view ourselves as both idea generators and facilitators. This is not a community that is going to deliver surface level solutions or platitudes. If we don’t know or have the answer we will help you find it or work our hardest to go back to the drawing board and do so ourselves.


In any profession that is focused on helping people, communication is key. Openness is a value of every member of our team and is the primary reason we enjoy consulting and connecting in the first place. We want to help you find a better way and realize that by sharing our own thoughts and ideas that we will in turn get plenty more back in return. One of our internal mantras is that “where there are secrets, there is usually sabotage.”


Truly supportive relationships are ongoing. Anyone can “consult”  while very few can effectively communicate. Our focus is to build trust and camaraderie amongst our peers and clients over the long-term. We are not interested in passively suggesting strategies, we want to be there as they are carried through.