Services & Support

Unifying People, Purpose & Process

Even the most versatile tools are useless when not in the hands of skilled carpenters. Our well-rounded team prides itself on being able to support and collaborate with organizations, teams and individuals to the fullest on a wide variety of services including those shown below and more. Contact us to discover the full breadth and depth of our offerings.

Athlete & Lifestyle Performance Training Programs

  • Customized assessments and programs adapted for your needs.
  • Check-Ins with our coaches via Google Hangouts. Phone, Skype or Email.
  • Programs are adapted for any location, goal, obstacle or time of year.
  • Dartfish Analysis with written reports and discussion of findings and recommendations.

Nutrition Counseling & Support

  • Customized nutrition and fueling recommendations based off of your goals, activity level and individual needs.
  • Complete breakdown of all factors related to proper fueling including: nutrient timing, food choices, meal preparation, hydration and supplementation.
  • Check-Ins with our coaches via Google Hangouts. Phone, Skype or Email.
  • Tracking tools to help you stay on top of your goals, plan and progress.

Speaking & Consulting

  • On-site and distance based consulting.
  • Domestic and international clinics, workshops and seminars
  • Personal and professional mentoring and guidance.
  • Online focus groups and roundtables.

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